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. shoot, it's just pop. with low cal ice cubes in it. i hope that's okay. what did you think was in it? yeah, you young college republicans, especially you, -- >> us as you heard, the young crowd loves sarah palin. does that present a dilemma for the new messaging that the republican party wants to getting across? because sarah palin seems to represent the old way. >> well, she does, but she is a crowd pleaser. and that was definitely her forum, the conservative political action conference which just wrapped about 48 hours ago. and as they said at the top, that's where he would see problems with conservatives, social conservatives, who are not very happy about the idea of being a broader tent party than what it is right now. but i have to tell you, sarah palin did sneak a line in there that said basically we don't have to on agree with everybody who wants to be in the party, as long as they're with us on most of the issues. the big question moving forward now is can the republican party rally behind these new changes. >> mark preston reporting live for us this morning. >>> i was waitin
's grandmother did not stop. she was not done with him yet. 2 1/2 minutes later came this cal call. >> i just got shot again. help me! >> you got shot again? are they still there? >> someone get help now! now! i need help now! >> are they still there? >> please help. >> hoffman did get help. paramedics did get there. they sped there and they got him to a hospital and that's exactly where he died, in the hospital. it's time now to call in the best of the bench on this case. lisa bloom joins me again with glenda hatchett, a judge. i want to preface this by saying that this young teenager did have a past. he was involved with juvenile justice and there was a probation issue and there had been difficult times in this household. so knowing that background, which the jury does know, judge hatchett, is this going to be a really tough case for this jury to see as self-defense, when you hear those tapes and you know the timing of this crime? >> yes, yes. i mean, she's already shot him. he's on the phone with 911. what's troubling about this, ashleigh, is that the police didn't have any indications that sh
that incredibly lodgele cal that he doesn illogical that he doesn't know the history. >> you're not buying it. >> i'm not buying it. in europe of all places, anti-semitism is on the rise. we're seeing hatred toward jews grow, crimes against jews grow. so this is not something that he's just unaware of or something that happened 10,000 years ago. this is still a very active part in some cultures in europe. so you can't tell me for a second he didn't know what he was doing. >> the fascist party this greece has 18 seats in the parliament. and this is a country with a very correct hdirect history wi holocaust. >> let me end on the player's quote to get his side. i would like to confesses that i'm totally unacceptable and i feel terrible for those i upset. unfortunately, i cannot take the clock back, but i want to clarify that i'm not the a fascist or a knee neo nazi or racist. coming up next, this is an article definitely caught our attention. caught the attention of a lot of people. it is titled being white in philly. it is causing quite a stir among readers, including the mayor. did the author
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3